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Identified cryptocurrency wallets,
Security Token compliance,
and certifying accredited investors

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Security Token Compliance

Trusti enables the creation of accredited and identified cryptocurrency wallets,
with specific KYC attributes defined by the authority certifying them.

Security Token Compliance​

Trusti enables the creation of accredited and identified cryptocurrency wallets, with specific attributes defined by the authority certifying them.

Transactions and Investments

With a Trusti identified wallet, transactors can have confidence in to whom they are sending funds, whether a corporate or private entity. 

Before completing the transaction, the sender can check the true details of the recipient and which authority has certified this identity. Bad news for phishing fraudsters, great news for confidence in cryptocurrency transactions. 

KYC Regulation

While the tokenization of  assets into security tokens is seen as a core future direction of cryptocurrency, almost every legal jurisdiction mandates that persons exchanging such assets be identified and/or accredited by KYC regulation. 

Trusti allows regulatory bodies to certify the person behind the cryptocurrency wallet, including irrevocably attaching their status and eligibility to the address, finally enabling for the legal exchange of security tokens. 

Security Tokens

While the regulated securities infrastructure has shown a willingness to enable the exchange of blockchain assets, its pseudonymous nature has prevented adoption.

Trusti enables regulators or exchanges to accredit the identities of those transacting security tokens, and certify them for the exchange of assets on a specific platform.

Digital Identity Solutions for Every Use-Case



A secure wallet with identity management and protection from phishing attacks. Certification for security token compliance; such as age, licenses, and residency.



Identifying parties to the transaction of protected data – such as patient information. Trusti enables to transact data with confidence in the true identity of the recipient.



Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance. Ensuring corporate entities can comply with regulatory authorities by accurately identifying users and their accreditation.

How it looks in an Identified Wallet

Identified Wallet
Announced ICOs
Ended up being Frauds
of Bitcoin
stolen at least once
ICO funds Lost
To Hacker and Scammers
$ m
Lost daily
to cryptocurrency Scams

What do you get with Trusti?

Trusti facilitates better certificate lifecycle management by consolidating tasks for issuing, installing, inspecting, remediating, and renewing certificates into one scalable implementation for your security token compliance needs.



A subscriber prepares a certificate request and submits it to the relevant authority. This authority then follows the validation procedure, using different steps depending on the type of certificate requested. After successful validation, the certificate is issued and the subscriber cross-signs it to prove ownership of the address.



The certificate is disseminated to relying parties, with timestamped hashes written into various blockchains. In case of revocation before expiration, the certificate is blacklisted and publicly included into an online responder which clients can query through Trusti’s API.


Client Validation

Before a client trusts an address, the entity’s digital certificate is checked for anomalies or problems, and checks that the certificate is not blacklisted. If the certificate is valid, the client will green-light the transaction. Otherwise, a phishing alert will deter the user from proceeding, or completely block it.

Core Team

Trusti has a team comprising of highly accomplished and experienced blockchain visionaires. Together this team has been responsible for many essential developments in decentralized ventures. Trusti’s team share an evolutionary philosophy for the project.


Zachary Swerdlow

Chief Executive Officer


Ronen Lahat

Chief Technology Officer


Oliver Worth

Chief Operating Officer


David Stern

Chief Marketing Officer


Laura Buki

Investor Relations


Luc Hautemanière

Financial Strategy


Sam Kozica

Legal Affairs


Alena Rotman

Graphic Designer


Gabriel Swerdlow

Human Resources


Abraham Amado

Sales Consultant


Daniel Sztern

Senior Developer

David Lustman

David Lustman

Director of Strategy


David Rosh Pina

Media Manager


Noa Aizental

Web Developer


Nadav Elkiess

Cyber Security Manager


Our advisors are globally recognized regulatory and compliance experts, as well as strategic partners.

Jeffrey Singer

Jeffrey Singer


Marc Powers

Marc Powers

Former SEC Branch Chief

Jeffrey Cooper

Jeffrey I. Cooper

FMR Exec Director IRS

Sergio Delso

Sergio Delso

Head of Financial Crime Compliance

Phoebe Kao

Head of Global Compliance

Torsten Schaper

Head of Regulatory Analysis – Deutsche Börse

Bernard Nicolay

Bernard Nicolay

Professor at Solvay

John Yoon

John Yoon

Head of Operations
EOS Asia

Guido Schmitz-Krummacher

Guido Schmitz-Krummacher

Blockchain Regulatory expert

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