Trusti's leadership consists of a broad range of experienced professionals from an eclectic range of commercial backgrounds.

Zachary Swerdlow
Chief Executive Officer

Zachary developed a wide range of skills and experience in his varied entrepreneurial background. His experience has included corporate acquisitions for royalty in the United Arab Emirates, the founding of application marketing firm General Boost, and in film production in Hollywood where he gained experience in business-orientated creative ideas. Zachary used this combined experience to transition to blockchain technology in its nascent period and built and contributed to varied projects which eventually led to the founding of Trusti, his latest major project.

Ronen Lahat
Chief Technology Officer

Ronen comes directly from his position as Chief Technology Officer of General Boost, Token Label and Cheap Travels. With vast experience in software development. Ronen is considered an expert in blockchain development, smart-contract programming, iOS, as well as web development. Ronen passes on his experience by lecturing programming classes in Tel Aviv.

Oliver Worth
Chief Operations Officer

Oliver brings a decade of experience in building large scale partnerships, managing the branding of complex ideas and businesses, and developing concepts in the crypto ecosystem. Oliver served as a board member of Israel’s biggest land owner, a spokesman and media relations specialist for Israeli and British political figures and corporations, and in senior positions in recruitment and fintech startups.

David Stern
Chief Marketing Officer

David heads up our team of marketing professionals across both traditional and interactive media, as well as setting the strategy for our media partnerships. As an innovative blockchain technology company, he ensures the message of what the Trusti service can offer corporations wanting to adapt to the blockchain is delivered dynamically and effectively.

Laura Buki
Investor Relations

Laura manages the day to day relationships with Tusti’s investors and key strategic partners; ensuring that their wider team remains constantly in the loop as they expand their visionary approach to securing cross-chain transacting.

Gabriel Swerdlow
Head of Human Resources

Gabriel heads up Trusti’s recruitment operations, both in terms of the core team, and independent advisors. Essential to the realization of Trusti’s vision is our ability to attract world class talent, something Gabriel strives to achieve. 

Sam Kozica
Legal Affairs

As head of legal affairs, Sam works on Trusti’s traditional and blockchain-specific regulatory and compliance issues the majority of which concern commercial, corporate and securities law of the UK, US and EU countries. Sam also formulates and revises agreements for Trusti’s operations and partners.

David Lustman
David Lustman
Director of Strategy

David heads up the strategy unit at Trusti, focusing on new strategic partnerships, marketing and outreach strategy, and milestone management. As a blockchain technology firm focused on securing cross-chain corporate transactions, he ensures Trusti remains on message and constantly adapting to innovation in the industry.